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Observation Policy 

Pittsburg Performing Arts Academy strives for a distraction-free environment. PPAA does not allow daily viewing of classes.

Drop-off/Pick-up Policy

Students must arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to class time. PPAA is not responsible for students who are dropped off early or not picked up in a timely manner. Please be considerate: if your child is the last class of the day, arrive early to pick up your child so PPAA can close as scheduled.

For drop off and pick up, please park your vehicle and walk your child to and from the academy. Pittsburg Performing Arts Academy accepts no responsibility or liability for students leaving the building. Students should be dropped off at the front (329 Railroad Ave) 


Students must be picked up on time. If an emergency occurs preventing a timely pick up, please notify the  front office. After 25 minutes have elapsed from the end of class, a $20 fee will be charged for every 25 minutes elapsed of late pick up, after the first offense.


PPAA is not responsible for caring for children who are not picked up on time.

Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene

-Restrooms: are to be used by only students, parent/guardian, or the student's ride home. Everyone who uses the restrooms must wash their hands. Students, please use the restroom before class or during your water break. 

Pittsburg Performing Arts Academy has an antiquated plumbing system so PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH down any feminine products, toys, toilet paper rolls, etc. To help sustain the cleanliness of the restrooms, please notify the front desk if there are any issues with the restrooms (low supply or any machines not working properly). 

-Eating in the studio: FOOD MUST BE THROWN AWAY OUTSIDE! Please look for recycling bins around academy to discard plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles ONLY. Please rinse out each recyclable item.

-Academy cubbies: are for storage purposes ONLY. If there are any items lying around the back unattended, all items will be added to our donations bucket. 


-Personal Hygiene: Please wear appropriate deodorant (if needed) during class. Please do not wear or spray perfume/cologne prior to class as some students are sensitive to fragrances. 

Shared Space / Lobby Ettiquette

Pittsburg Performing Arts Academy shares our lobby with another business and the walls are very thin, so waiting in the lobby is not permitted during class time. 

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Students awaiting class should be sitting quietly awaiting their instructor to come out and greet them. 

  • Children not attending class should be waiting with their parents and should never be unattended in our lobby.

  • Please dispose of any food or drink outside in the large garbage cans on the curb.

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